Omorfa Counselling: The Answers Are Within You!

We provide a counselling service for adults from 18 years upwards who would like to attend sessions and address any issues. Our aim is to work with an individual’s needs using an Integrative Approach which incorporates different techniques and strategies from creative, talking and solution focused therapies.

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Throughout our lives we go through an array of emotions and experiences, something we all have in common. Our complexities as individuals make each experience we have unique to us and our lives. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable to confide in those close to you in fear of becoming a burden or being judged.

Therapy will give you the space and time to identify and explore those areas of concern and by working through them together we will begin to bring you personal clarity and understanding.

Therapy can be a rewarding and uplifting experience and possibly one of the best things you will do for ‘Yourself’!  It may be challenging to face areas of our lives that we have spent many days, weeks, months and years ignoring, hoping they will subside or disappear; we may deny our feelings of fear, guilt, shame and resentment only to find they become overwhelming and intrusive affect our everyday choices, our behaviour and peace of mind.

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