Areas of Therapy

Individual Therapy:
1 to 1 sessions, lasting 50 minutes. Our initial therapies are offered on a 6 weekly renewable basis. These are negotiated individually – with the Client and Therapist.

Couples Therapy:
Communication, conflict, divorce, separation, affairs (infidelity), sexual dysfunction, relationship management and marriage counselling.  Counselling can offer a space to explore one another’s differences, bring a new perspective to the relationship, provide tools and techniques to establish lost intimacy or assist in an amicable split between two adults.

In Couples Therapy, the Counsellor will help by highlighting existing issues within the relationship and explore what changes are needed.  Identifying behavioural patterns that no longer contribute positively to the relationship. Couples Therapy requires both parties to be fully committed and ready to contribute with open and honest communication, being prepared to face what might feel like tough emotional challenges.   It is a combination of mediation, exploration and knowledge which is what make this therapy effective.

Group Therapy Work:
Groups can be as small as three or four people, maximum group size is six. The group typically meets once each week for one hour thirty minutes. Groups can either be open or closed. In an open session, new participants are welcome to join at any time. In a closed group, only a core group of members are invited to participate.

The specific manner in which the session is conducted depends largely on the goals of the group and the style of the therapist. Some therapists might encourage a more free-form style of dialogue, where each member participates as he or she sees fit. Other therapists might have a specific plan for each session that might include having clients practice new skills with other members of the group.

Clare Gascoigne: Dips Counselling, MBACP, NCS Psychotherapeutic Counsellor (Individuals & Couples)

Omorfa is a counselling and psychotherapy group practice, based in Hampshire. We aim to make counselling/psychotherapy possible for everyone who chooses it. You can refer yourself for an initial 30 minutes consultation by completing the online enquiry form or by calling 07725 953269.

  1. The service is open Monday to Friday.  Monday & Friday 08.30am to 19.30pm, Tuesday to Thursday 17.30 hrs to 19.30 hrs. Enquiries can be made any day of the week via text, email, website(s) or other forms of media communication. Where an enquiry falls over the weekend period a response will be forthcoming thereafter, preferably at the commencement of the week ahead. Appointments will be arranged on an individual basis with the Therapist.


  • Telephone Counselling – for your convenience.
  • Skype Counselling – Face to face when you are away from home and cannot make it to the therapy room.
  • Face to face – personal touch and preferred choice.
  • Online counselling – when you just don’t know if you are ready to attend a full session and need a little ongoing support. (Please complete the contact sheet to express your interest).
  • Workshops – Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Child Development, Communication.  If you are looking for specific topic to be covered, please do not hesitate to contact us and express your requirements. (Please complete contact sheet to express your interest).

Individual 1 to 1 sessions: £35 per session
Couples counselling session: £55 per session
Pre-booked sessions of 6 £30 and £50 per session, paid in advance.

All missed sessions without 24 hour notice of cancellation will be charged.

Payment can be made by cash on the day or by bank transfer.
To secure a session, payment is to be made in advanced of each session.  Blocked bookings are to be paid in advance to secure discounted fee.